The Kitashiga Ryuo Holiday Inn is located in Nagano Prefecture, right on the Ryuo Ski Park ski slopes. The ski lifts are only 10m away! It is so convenient for skiers and snowboarders as there is also a rental shop, restaurant and convenience store.



For dinner, Japanese beef sukiyaki course, shabu-shabu course, among others are available.lunch, stone-oven baked pizza is extremely popular.

In the main dining room Japanese and Western buffets are available for breakfast, while for dinner it’s the Japanese beef course. In the restaurant “Yamanomi” stone-oven baked pizza and handmade soba (buckwheat noodles) 【summer】are extremely popular.

Dining Room(2F)

▲Main Dining Room
During your meal pause for a moment for a great memory of your fun trip. From the window the view of the setting sun in the mountains is spectacular. (108 seats)
▲Breakfast (buffet)
▲Japanese beef sukiyaki
▲Japanese beef shabu-shabu
▲Chicken balls in a soy milk hotpot.
▲Ice cream

Restaurant on the ski • slopes “Yamanomi”

▲Restaurant on the ski slopes “Yamanomi”
▲Restaurant “Yamanomi”
▲Stone-oven baked pizza
▲Curry and rice
▲Ramen noodles
Dining room reservations TEL 0269-33-7171

※For guests with a hotel plan that includes dinner no reservation is required
Dinner (Reservations only) 2500yen/person

Sukiyaki course
(Includes rice, miso soup and ice cream)

Japanese beef Shabu-Shabu course
(Includes rice, miso soup and ice cream)

Chicken balls with Shinshu vegetables and mushrooms in a soymilk hotpot
(Includes rice, miso soup and ice cream)

Breakfast (included in the hotel charges)

Japanese & Western buffets

Business hours

7:30 ~ 9:30 (LO 9:00)

Reservations only(until 12:00 on the same day)
17:30 ~ 19:30 (LO 19:00)
Restaurant on the ski slopes “Yamanomi” Reservations TEL 0269-33-7577

※10% off for guests of the Holiday Inn
The restaurant is on the 1st floor of the hotel. Access is through the connecting passageway from the vending machine corner. It is also possible to enjoy your meals in your room.

¥800 Beef curry
¥900 Cheese curry
¥900 Croquette and curry
¥1000 Hamburger meat and curry
¥1000 Pork fillet cutlet and curry
¥1100 Hamburger meat and cheese curry
¥1100 Pork fillet cutlet and cheese curry
¥850 Rice with hashed beef
*For a large-sized serving add 150yen

¥800 Ramen noodles
¥950 Ramen noodles with pork
¥900 Ramen noodles with Kimuchi
¥850 Miso ramen noodles
¥1000 Ramen noodles with pork in miso-base soup
¥950 Ramen noodles and Kikuchi in miso-base soup
¥200 Rice with Nozawa pickles

¥400 Cake
(Rare cheesecake, Almond chocolate, green tea, chestnut, etc… 6-8 varieties)
¥600 Cake set
(Your choice of cake with a drink)
Ice cream
(Single scoop 250yen, double scoop 350yen)

¥800 Spaghetti with meat sauce
¥900 Spaghetti with meat sauce and cheese
¥800 Creamy tuna spaghetti
¥800 Garlic and hot pepper spaghetti
¥800 Tarako spaghetti (cod roe)
*For a large-sized serving add 150yen

Alcoholic beverages
¥600 Medium-sized mug of Kirin draft beer
¥300 Can of Kirin Tanrei beer
¥450 Zima・Sky Blue
¥550 Smirnoff and lemonade
¥600 Fujisanroku Highball (whisky)
¥400 Glass of wine – Red, white

Non-alcoholic beverages
¥350 coffee
¥350 tea
¥400 hot milk
¥350 Iced milk
¥350 hot chocolate
¥180 soft drinks
(Coca-cola, iced coffee, melon Soda, Yamabudo (wild grape drink), Yamabudo & soda, orange drink, iced tea)

Oyama’s Stone-oven baked pizza – 30cm diameter – 1200yen/pizza
Mixed pizza (seafood, bacon, green pepper, mushrooms)
Bacon and egg pizza (bacon, egg, black pepper)
Garlic and basil pizza (garlic, dried basil, salami)
Highland vegetable pizza (Bacon, lettuce, tomato)
Wild mushroom pizza (Mushrooms, chicken, leek, dried seaweed, mayonnaise)
Shinshu apple pizza (apples, honey)
Chocolate and bananas dessert pizza (chocolate ice cream, banana, almonds, chocolate sauce, whipped cream)
Apple and cinnamon dessert pizza (vanilla ice cream, apples, cinnamon powder, whipped cream)

Business hours

9:00 ~ 16:30

Reservation only (until 4pm of desired day)
18:30 ~ 20:00

▲Restaurant “Yamanomi”

▲Restaurant “Yamanomi”

▲Restaurant “Yamanomi”

▲Restaurant “Yamanomi”

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